Hi lovelies, I’m back again! I have been blogging for just under 2 months now and although I absolutely love it, I have found it difficult to manage my blog whilst working full time. I have been so unorganised and I think my blog could be so much better if I planned a little more in advance! So I took to Twitter and asked for advice for a great blog planner… and I was not disappointed! A few people recommended the DotCreates planner, I loved the look of it and bought it straight away!


One thing I loved immediately about this planner, is that the monthly sections are undated so that you can start whenever you like (Like I did). Each month contains 16 planning pages and so there is room for up to 16 blog posts. As I post twice a week (Sunday’s and Wednesday’s if you didn’t know) I decided to use two pages per post.

Each page includes the date, post date and title so you can plan what post will be published on what day. And then there are lots of lines available for a post plan, and checkboxes at the bottom of the page so you can make sure that all the words, links and photos are included! And a final checkbox for when your post is published!

Blog Post-planning

For the first blog plan page, I jot down all of my ideas for a post with what I want to include, including links and photo ideas. I also write which category a post will belong to so that I can keep track of what types of posts I write the most. I also note down the Tags that will go with the post so I don’t forget to include them (which happens a lot).

As I write ~8 posts a month, I use the second page of the planner as a ‘To Do’ list (shown in the picture). I tick off all of the things that need to be done before I hit publish; including taking and editing photos, tags and categories. I also make sure I have done a Grammarly and Yoast SEO check. Then I schedule the post for the day I want it to go live and I’m done! I don’t have to worry about having wifi when I want to post which is great. I make sure that I highlight any important points so I don’t forget to do them, plus, it adds some colour!

Social Media Sharing

I also include a little checklist for daily social media posting! This includes Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Stumbleupon. This way I can keep track of how often I promote my posts and on what platforms so no social media is neglected.

We all know how time-consuming promoting blog posts on social media is, and it also means less time to interact with other bloggers! To make life a little easier I often use Social Media Scheduling apps such as Buffer and Preview. These are my favourite as they are so simple and quick to use. Buffer is great for scheduling tweets, I usually do this when I have some free time so I don’t have to worry about blog promotion during work. I tend to do around 3-4 a day focusing on different posts both old and new. It is also great for posting whilst I’m asleep so that people in different time zones don’t miss my posts. Another great app is Preview which is awesome for editing and scheduling Instagram posts in advance. It also gives you a preview of what your post would look like next to your other pictures (Handy if you want those insta themes). These apps are so handy for busy people so that your posts don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Other ways to keep track!

The DotCreates Ultimate Blog planner also comes with a ‘mini’ daily diary so that you can plan what needs to be done. I use this section for listing which Facebook groups are running a daily thread so I can make sure my posts get lots of exposure to different groups. I also highlight key things such as post days, photo taking days etc so they are very useful! The planner also comes with monthly social media stats trackers, and although these are really handy, I wanted something where I could track my progress easily. I created a print out which allows me to track monthly all of my social media and blog stats. This way I know how my blog is doing (not gonna lie, I know its simple but I love this).

If that’s not enough, the planner will also keep you motivated with monthly inspirational quotes that I love sooooo much!

So that is how I have been keeping my blog organised so far. It’s not perfect yet but I am getting there slowly! I am in the process of creating an excel sheet that shows when posts are published and their categories.

How do you keep your blog organised? How do you plan blog posts? Is social media overwhelming you? Let me know in the comments!

Chlo x

Hello lovelies! Today is the last day of January meaning I have successfully been blogging for one whole month! It has been the most incredible month so far and I am so proud of how far I have come, deciding to blog has been the best decision I have made in a long time.

Throughout this month there are so many things I have learned about the complex world of blogging (and a lot that I haven’t), so here are 5 things that I now know! Let me know in the comments what the biggest thing you have learned so far about blogging.

1. Blogging is time consuming! Time management is key.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t think that it would take up so much of my time, mainly because I thought no one would read my little blog and so I wouldn’t have to post as regularly as others. Well, now there is quite a lot of you who follow my blog and read my ramblings and I am so eternally grateful. It means that now I don’t want to just post for myself but for you also, to produce quality content that others can read, enjoy and learn from. This year I am working full time and so posting twice a week has been a bit of a struggle but I am starting to understand what works best for me.

I am becoming a lot more organised when it comes to planning blog posts, taking photographs and doing everything I can in advance to make posting day a lot less stressful! I now write down my blog ideas, take my pictures at the weekends were I know I will get the natural light, and schedule my posts in advance… all of which make blogging so much easier and much more fun!

2. I am not very Tech-savvy

Before blogging, I thought I was pretty techy, and that blogging was as simple as writing a few words and clicking post. News flash: Its not. There is a whole world of blogging terms out there from self hosted to SEO, and hey even widget (yes I didn’t know what a widget was). Even something as simple as creating a bloglovin account I found difficult, and so blogging is definitely a learning curve. I am constantly learning more about the internet and the more you learn, the more there is to know!

3. Social media is extremely powerful 

This is arguably the biggest thing that I have learned since starting to blog. I realised that I could have the best blog content in the world, but if no one knows it exists, it will just stay tucked away unread. I now always promote my blog across many forms of social media, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (usernames: Being_Chloe96) and get so many more engagement. I used to think people would find me promoting my blog really annoying, but hey if I don’t, who will?

I still don’t know how to use Pinterest to promote my blog (annoyingly I got blocked after pinning one post… still annoyed) but I am hoping it is something I can learn in the upcoming months.

4. The blogging community is lovely

One thing that I love the most about blogging is how lovely and supportive the blogging community it is. Whether it is a like, a comment, a follow or an award nomination… all of them make me extremely happy and want to continue blogging. You are all always there to give me advice when I need it, or help when I don’t understand something, and it’s because of you guys that being-chloe.com continues to grow and improve as time goes on. Love ya!

5. There is so much that I don’t know… and that’s okay!

One thing that I 100% know, is that I don’t know everything. But I am fine with that! If i knew everything about blogging it wouldn’t be as enjoyable and I have you guys to learn with me. For example, I don’t know:

  • Whether to go self-hosted or not
  • How to use bloglovin – really does confuse me haha!
  • How to use pinterest
  • How to increase domain authority
  • How to take good pictures!

Thankyou all so much for following my blog over the past month, or if you’re new… Hi! I am proud of what I have achieved in such a small time and it is all down to you guys! Thankyou for reading!

Chloe x