So a bit of background information about little old me before I get into this post! I am currently in my 3rd year of studying Pharmacology at the University of Manchester, Uk. Most of you may be thinking, wow, you’re nearly done! Sadly not. I am actually on a placement year working in a lab to get experience for the big scary world out there. After this year I will go back to studying for a year before I finally graduate. I think after 3 years of university so far, I have a lot to share about what University actually teaches you.

1. You will make a lot of friends, and lose a lot of friends!

The first thing you will realise at uni is that you will meet a lot of people, and I mean a lot. I think in my first week I must have talked to hundreds of people, and I  don’t remember half of their names. You will quickly see that everyone is trying to make friends as soon as possible and some of them will stay with you for your entire university journey. Some you will lose… and that’s okay! I changed friendship groups soooo many times in the very first semester, but I soon found out who I loved spending time with.

2. How to live by yourself

Okay, so you will learn LOTS of things at uni, how to shop, cook, clean (maybe) and basically how to not starve to death whilst away from home comforts. I am sure many people, don’t really learn this and still get babied by their parents but I for one made it on my own! Don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect, but I can cook (kinda) and clean (sometimes) and not fail all my modules. Pretty successful I’d say!

3. The importance of milk

Milk is important. In fact not even milk… butter, bread or any food for that matter. It will be the start of so many fights. If you buy some you are a hero, if you buy your own it will get stolen, if you don’t buy any you will face many snide comments until you give in.

4. How to survive off very little money

You have no money…ever. When at uni I basically live in my overdraft and never leave it until my next student loan comes in! It sucks, but you do learn how to make £10 last for a week’s worth of meals, 2 nights out, and a takeaway on a Friday night. You get very smart when it comes to budgeting but can also blow £100 on one night. It’s a see-saw basically.

5.How to ‘clean’ the communal kitchen.

News flash… you won’t. Despite the complaints from the halls cleaner, several fines and the potentially deadly fungus growing out of the mugs, that kitchen will not get cleaned. It is actually hilarious how crafty you can be. Instead of being productive and actually cleaning, you hide the pots and pans in a bin bag in a cupboard. Yes, that is a thing… its universal. Instead of cleaning you will also spend your time complaining how the cleaner will not clean unless the kitchen is also spotless… again universal. You will learn not go in the kitchen barefoot, how to use pans as bowls and not die from the mouldy crockery.

So that’s uni! The real-life lessons you actually learn are priceless. Uni can be the both the best and worst time of your life but 100% worth it.

What did you learn from uni?! Comment below!

Chloe x

Hi, lovelies! I hope your year is going great so far! January was a great month and I found so many beauty products that have now become my staple items. If you want to know what I loved in January, keep on reading!

Beauty Products:

One of my new favourite products this month HAS to be the Morphe continuous setting mist. I often have a love-hate relationship with setting sprays, I always want to use them but find that many of them leave droplets on my face. I mean I have just spent ages doing my makeup, I don’t want to then drown my face. Luckily, I don’t have this problem with the Morphe setting spray. It really is a continuous mist, that gently sprays across my face rather than coming out in sharp bursts! It leaves my skin looking beautifully dewy and my makeup lasts all day long.

This past month I have been LOVING makeup revolution. If you read my first impressions of the brand, you will know that I initially loved three of their products, two of which made it into my January favourites. Naturally, the makeup revolution conceal and define concealer has become my all time favourite concealer. It is full coverage, brightening and blends like a dream, I know that I am going to repurchase this concealer time and time again… and at £4, I am definitely willing! Another obsession is the Makeup revolution Reloaded palette in Iconic Fever. I get so many compliments whenever I wear these shadows, they are extremely pigmented and the warm shades are perfect for this time of year! Again at £4, who can pass over this bargain!


Another concealer that made the line up this month is the Maybelline fit me concealer. I had heard great things about this product and thought I would test it out for myself. It is not as full coverage as the makeup revolution concealer but it is very brightening under the eyes. I use this concealer on days where I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup and it does the job brilliantly, it provides just enough coverage to give me much more confidence when leaving the house!

The last beauty product I loved in January is the Stila Stay all day Liquid lipstick in the shade patina. I did a full review on this lipstick here so I won’t go into much detail… all you need to know is that I love it! I would definitely recommend it.

Other favourites:

One of the goals that I set myself for 2018 was to read more. My Kindle has become a lifesaver so far this year. It makes it so much easier to read, as it is so lightweight and so great for transport. I have downloaded so many books… I am currently loving Game of Thrones and hope that I will continue the series in the upcoming weeks. Instead of scrolling through my phone on my commute to work, I now have unlimited books at my fingertips.

My final favourite of January is the Galaxy chocolate bar. I have always LOVED galaxy chocolates but for some reason, I have become obsessed with eating them this month. My new thing is to dip the chocolate bar in my cup of tea (weird I know), it makes the chocolate melt and it is so creamy and chocolately! A strange favourite for the month but I can’t help it!

Thank you for your ongoing support, I hope that you liked this post! Let me know in the comments what your favourites have been in 2018 so far!

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x