Hi, lovelies, I am sure by the title, you are all thinking that this is an unusual post for me! That’s right, I have strayed away slightly from my normal posts for more of a chatty life update! If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I recently had a little trip to London! I went down to see my friend who is currently studying at Imperial University, so luckily I had a place to stay. I thought I would give you a short post on what we got up to over the weekend. We arrived late Friday night (and as the odd 21 one-year-olds we are… we went to bed), so this post will focus on the Saturday and Sunday! Hopefully, if you’re thinking about going to London soon it will give you some serious trip inspo!


Truth Cafe

We all woke up bright and early on Saturday (Impressive, I know) and as my friend lives in Hammersmith we had a cheeky little shop to start off the day. Luckily I didn’t do too much damage (Thank God), only picking up two tops, culottes and a playsuit..oops. After having a relatively intensive shopping session, it was only right that we had a big breakfast. We went to a lovely little cafe in Hammersmith called ‘Truth Cafe’, and (Shocker) I ate way too much food. The cafe had a lovely vibe, and I got to sit next to the cutest puppy ever whilst eating. Who doesn’t want to sit near an adorable puppy whilst drinking their morning coffee? The cafe was beautiful and unique, with the walls filled with sign language images. I had an amazing Full English breakfast because if you know me I’m not very adventurous! It was a great way to start a very busy day.

Kensington Palace 

After a very filling breakfast, we made our way to the Kensington Palace gardens. The pictures I took definitely don’t do the gardens justice. A combination of the bright sunshine, stunning lake and beautiful flower gardens made it a very magical experience. This place would be so nice to go and sit by yourself and read a book in the sunshine. We initially walked through the gardens and around the lake/pond in front of the palace itself. The pond was a bright blue, with swans swimming in it… very royal. We then decided to go into the Sunken Garden ourselves rather than pay for the guided tour. If you want beautiful gram pictures, here is the place to go. My photos definitely don’t show just how beautiful the flowers are. It is so nice to know that just a few weeks before, Prince Harry was picking flowers for Megan’s bouquet from these gardens. We decided not to go into the actual Palace but you could definitely spend the entire day here.

Hyde Park

When you go to London, you have to go to Hyde Park. In the summer it is especially beautiful! We brought our own picnic and blanket so we didn’t have to pay for food or the deck chairs. This way we could lounge around on the grass near the lake for as long as we liked and for such a small price! As I said the weather was gorgeous, I burnt my legs and shoulders so definitely wear suncream! After our little picnic, we decided to fork out on a boat ride on the lake. You have the choice of either a pedalo or rowing boat. As we had all been on a rowing boat before in Amsterdam we thought we would take on the challenge of rowing the boat ourselves. This was quite expensive at £12 each for one hour. I can safely say I will not take up rowing as a sport, I am absolutely useless. I thought it would be a lot easier than it was, boy was I wrong. Luckily my two friends are better than me and I enjoyed a leisurely boat ride in the sunshine. The only thing I will say is beware of the swans, they are quite intimidating if you row near them. I always love going to Hyde Park as it is so beautiful, and is even better in the warm weather.

Bars & Restaurants

After Hyde Park, we admittedly had a nap. After nearly 20000 steps walking around London that day, ya girl needed a rest. Once we had finally gotten ourselves dressed we decided to go the lovely Rocca in West Brompton. Here once again, we ate way too much food, but amazing Italian food at a great price, who could blame us? After eating we went to a beautiful beer garden called ‘The Prince’, again in West Brompton. It is so unique here, in that there are 4 restaurants and 3 bars that all share the same beer garden. I honestly can’t stress enough how beautiful this place is. There are fresh flowers covering the walls and ceilings with fairy lights and it is like walking into a Disney film. I would love to go in the day sometime to truly capture how stunning the garden is on camera. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with my terrible photos (I had a bit too much to drink…oops) – but take my word for it, you need to go here. Great food, great drinks and a beautiful view… what more could you want?


Camden Markets

After a veeerrrryyyy long day on Saturday, we took forever to get out of bed on Sunday. As we were leaving later that day we didn’t want to cram in too many things. Instead, we decided to spend the day in Camden markets. Another place every tourist wants to see! We started off at the food market, where I demolished an entire Woodfire Pizza, it was soooo good. After that, we took our time wandering around the markets and looking at what treasures we could find. Luckily I learned my lesson from Saturday and didn’t spend any more money (well done Chlo) but if you’re into unique items and clothes, this is the place for you.

After a burger at Euston Station, we finally left London. As I have been to London lots of times, I didn’t do too many touristy things, but there is definitely more on my to-do list. I had such an amazing time but if I was to go again I would definitely try and up my photography and capture how beautiful the places are. So that was my weekend in London. What are your top places to see in London? Let me and everyone else know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Chlo x