Hi, lovelies! I’m back. Life has been crazy recently, so I am sorry for the lack of posts but don’t worry, you will have many new posts coming your way. If you so my latest post, you will know that I accidentally spent too much money on a L’Oreal haul… oops. I thought it would only be right to give you the low down on some of the products. Are they worth your dollar?! One of my favourite products is the L’Oreal  Paris Glow Mon Amour highlighting drops. You’ve probably seen these drops being advertised by Elle Fanning, so keeping reading to get the goss on why I love them so much.

The Packaging:

So the packaging of the Glow Mon Amour drops is pretty much like any other liquid highlighter. What I do love is that it is rose gold. If you saw my makeup storage post, you’ll know I love me some rose gold. It is a glass bottle and so it feels really heavy and high quality which I love. It is clear glass so you can see the colour of the drops (handy because there are a couple of different shades). I like this touch, as the actual colour of the highlighter is stunning and looks amazing in the sunlight. Obviously, these are highlighting drops and so it has a pipette-like dropper (sorry the Scientist in me is coming out). I like that because you can control how much you use at once and so can minimise wastage, but it can be a little messy. Or a lot messy if you’re anything like me! Overall it’s nice packaging and is good quality for only £9.99!

The Glow Mon Amour Drops: Claims:

  • Luminous and highly pigmented
  • Smooth application that blends seamlessly
  • Customisable: subtle radiance to high intense glow
  • Has nourishing coconut oil

My thoughts:

Although these drops come in two shades, I decided to go with the gorgeous pearly Champagne shade. As you can see from the picture below, it’s absolutely stunning! Luckily when I bought this highlighter I was pale as hell and have since gotten a tan in this lovely sunshine we’ve been having. So I can definitely say that this highlighter can work for lots of skin tones. Usually, I don’t really use liquid highlighters as they just seem like a lot of effort. This one has won me over! I have tried it both mixed in with my foundation, and also on top of my cheekbones, cupid bow and underneath my brows. It looks great both ways! It blends beautifully I definitely agree that you can customise it to get your perfect glow. I love wearing it on a no-makeup, makeup day as well as packing it on to get my glow going. This product is perfect for summer!

Have you tried these drops? Are you a liquid highlighter gal? Do you need this in your life right now? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Chlo x

Hi, lovelies! So, I accidentally (maybe) bought more makeup. I know I said I was on a spending ban, but as soon as I saw the L’Oreal Summer collection I just had to have it. I thought I would share with you what I bought in my L’Oreal Summer Collection haul and my reasons (other than just wanting to buy all the pretty makeup). Basically, I wanted to look tanned and glowy af.

L’Oreal Paris Back to Bronze Matte Bronzing powder – £8.99

I initially bought this because I have been on the lookout for a new bronzer for a while now. If you have followed me for a while you know I use my trusty Hoola bronzer and my Primark Chocolate face palette. I always go for matte bronzers, otherwise, I tend to look like a shimmery mess. I was drawn to this one as it seemed quite dark, whereas all of my other bronzers are super pale. I know this seems strange, buying a dark bronzer when you’re pale as hell. I thought it would be perfect for general warming up of the face, as all my current bronzers are quite cool toned and so are more of a contour. I am super excited to try this, and fingers crossed I won’t end up looking like a muddy mess.

L’Oreal Paris Glow Highlighting Powder palette – Sunset – £9.99

Yes, I bought another highlighting palette. I had to okay. L’Oreal has brought out two highlighting palettes in this collection, Sunrise and Sunset. Sunrise is much cooler toned with some beautiful pinks and lilacs. Sunset is more of a warm palette with champagnes and golds. Obviously, I went with Sunset as I am a scaredy cat who doesn’t venture out of her comfort zone. I always like a more golden highlight, and the shades don’t look too dark for my skin tone. This palette does have a stunning purple shade which I think would look great on darker skin tones. I have high hopes for this palette!

L’Oreal Paris Bonjour Sunshine Liquid Bronzer – £8.99

This purchase was a bit of an impulse buy! I have never in my life used a liquid bronzer, ever. I think this product will be like marmite, I will either love it or hate it. I’m not gonna lie, I mainly bought it because of Boots’ fab 3for2 offer. This bronzer would be perfect in the summer, to get that bronzy look without looking too dry and cakey. I thought it would be great for a no-makeup, makeup look to just add a bit of warmth and glow to the skin. Keep your fingers crossed for me guys!

L’Oreal Paris Bonjour Nudista Skin tint (Fair) – £9.99

I was super excited to see this in the collection, it went straight in my basket. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I have been doing a lot of running recently. I don’t like wearing makeup when I run (obvs that’s a bit gross), but I am also not that confident in my skin. I thought a BB cream would be the perfect solution to give a tiny amount of coverage without being all caked up! I am also going Interrailing in the summer, so if this works out it will be great to again cover up some blemishes without sweating off all of my makeup. I am so excited to try this product, and I will let you know my thoughts.

L’Oreal Paris Life’s a Peach Blush Powder – £8.99

I did not need this. I very rarely wear blush, as I nearly always end up looking like a clown when I attempt to wear it. But if you have been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been wanting to wear blush more. As it was 3for2, I knew I had to get it and give it a go. Can I just say how cute all of the names in this collection are? Adorable. This blush is a beautiful peachy shade which I think would look stunning with a tan. I am definitely going to persevere and give this blush a proper try, it is too beautiful not too!

L’Oreal Paris Glow Mon Amor Highlighting drops – £9.99

So this is the product that started my spending spree. Damn you Facebook ads. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I chose to get Champagne, as I thought it would look beautiful both on my pale skin and with a tan! I never really use liquid highlighters (I’ve still yet to try my Barry M ones…oops). But again, I think it would be perfect for the summer time to add a bit of glow without a full face of makeup.

So that’s what I bought. Thank god for Boots’ 3for2, am I right? I am so excited to try these products out! Fingers crossed I will be bronzed and glowy this summer! Let me know in the comments if you would like a review on any of these products (or all of them).

Have you tried any of these products? Are they right up your street? Do you want that bronzy, glowy look this summer? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Chlo x

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! I hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine as much as I have been. Here I am back again with another testing Primark makeup post… I bet you didn’t think there would be another one so soon. So I didn’t expect to post another one so soon either, but I have been loving the Ps Radiant Primer that I just had to share it with you. Keep reading to find out why this product is my latest obsession.

The Ps Radiant Primer Packaging:

Okay, so the packaging isn’t anything special. If you read my previous post, you will know that I was obsessed with the K-pop Sweet cheeks palette packaging. The packaging is pretty, but it isn’t anything ground-breaking. It is a simple white, black and grey squeezy tube. Is that what you’d call it? No idea.The nozzle is really thin so that you don’t squeeze out too much product at once, but I would prefer a pump as they’re so much easier to manage. All of the ingredients are also clearly stated on the back of the tube, something I believe to be very important with skin products.

 The Ps Radiant Primer:

In total you get 42 ml (1.4 Fl. Oz) of product, so for £3 you are getting a lot for your dollar! Some of the key ingredients include Aqua (Obviously), Dimethicone, Glycerin and a lot more. Although there are no claims on this packaging, with the ingredients mentioned (such as Dimethicone and Glycerin), you would imagine it would smooth fine lines and wrinkles as well as give you a bit more of a base for your foundation to stick to. Oh and glow… duh!

So I have been wearing this primer alone during this sunny weather when I don’t want to sweat in a thick layer of makeup. It adds a nice sheer glow to the skin so I look like a radiant goddess rather than an oily mess (okay, yeah wishful thinking but you get my point). I have also tested this primer underneath my foundation on both sunny and rainy days and it holds up well. The white primer really does add some nice glow to the skin without looking too shiny, but if you have oily skin you might want to avoid this product. I have dry skin, and I’d say this primer does NOT replace my moisturiser in any way as it is not massively hydrating. However, it does help me from looking too matte, dry and cakey.


Overall, the product does give you a nice glow which I guess is the whole point of the primer. It does make my foundation apply quite nicely, but I haven’t noticed a massive difference in terms of application and longevity. That tends to be the case with most primers for me. But, for £3, I am happy to use it purely for more of a glowy base, and I have been using it every day for the past few weeks, purely for this purpose!

If you want to look glowy af this summer, then maybe pick this primer up on your next trip to Primark. For £3, you can’t really go wrong!

Do you use glowy primers? Are you all about that glow in the summer months? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Chlo x

Hi lovelies! I’m back! Sorry for the post shortage recently, but life has gotten in the way of blogging. Never fear, Being Chloe is back in business! I thought today I would bring back the Testing Primark makeup series, with this little beauty… The K-pop Sweet Cheeks blush & highlighter palette. Is this possibly the cutest palette you will ever see? 100% yes. For £5, is it worth your money? Keep reading to find out.

The packaging:

Okay, this palette is adorable. I am absolutely in love with this K-pop inspired packaging, it is cute af. The packaging is simple white cardboard, with black lettering and cute pink polka-dots and hearts. Adorable. Inside, there is a cute little message awaiting you… ‘Sweet as sugar!’, which is a nice added touch. My favourite part of this palette is the heart-shaped pans for each of the blushes/highlighters. The are large enough so that you can easily fit your brush into and are far enough apart from each other to not cross-contaminate. The heart pans also have little faces in them – not essential but is soo cute. I also like the bright contrasting colours behind each of the pans, which have clearly been inspired by K-pop. Overall, the packaging is both fun and functional, the only thing that is lacking is a mirror!

The Blushes/Highlighters:

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I am not a blusher girl. I just never wear it. No matter how hard I try I just can’t get into using the bloody thing. You will also know that I could give Casper the friendly ghost a run for his money with my pale ass skin. So I don’t use this shades as blushes, but they are gorgeous highlights. Each pan is 2.7g each so you are getting a lot of product for your dollar, and with four shades to choose from, it is an ideal palette for everybody!

The shades:

  • Candy Floss – A shimmery golden shade
  • Lemon Sherbet – A champagne shade
  • Jelly Bean  – A pale lilac shade
  • Bon Bon – A bright pink shade

So these shades are beautiful. Primark are always really good at making highlighters as they are insanely pigmented and last all day long. No really, I put Lemon Sherbet on at 6am before work and I was still glowing at 6pm. All of the shades are stunning but my favourites have to be Lemon Sherbet and Candy floss. If you’re pale like me, these shades will be your best friends. I even like adding a touch of Jelly Bean to add an extra dimension. I never thought I would like a lilac highlighter, but Primark has swayed me. Bon Bon is a bit too pink for my liking, but if you like a shimmery blush then this ones for you.

Did I mention, it is also Cherry fragranced? As I said with the Chocolate range, I am not too fussed about nice smelling makeup, but it is a nice extra I guess. You will literally have sweet cheeks.

Overall this is a lovely palette. Cute packaging and glowy af highlights… what more can a girl want?

Have you tried this palette? Are you as obsessed with the packaging as I am? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Chlo x

Hi lovelies, I’m back! If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that my makeup collection has been a little overwhelming recently. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t as big as some other bloggers collections, but probably more than the average person. What can I say? I love makeup. I used to use clear acrylic drawers for makeup storage, but I got bored of the towering beasts cluttering up my desk. Recently, I have had my room decorated, and so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to buy a new dresser and sort everything out once and for all. Continue reading to find out how I am currently storing my makeup.

The dresser

One thing that was annoying me about my old set up was that my desk was really narrow. It meant everything was stacked on top of each other and, not only did it not look good, it wasn’t practical either. So I went to Ikea. The trusty land of all furniture. I was immediately drawn to the Ikea Malm dressing table. It comes in three colours, and so to match my other Ikea furniture I purchased it in ‘White stained oak veneer’. One thing I loved about this dresser is that it comes with one singular drawer that spans the entire length… perfect for makeup! It is 120 cm long and so has enough space to not feel cramped. For your money, you also get a glass top included. If you’re anything like me and spill foundation all the time… you need this girl. Overall it cost £95 for the colour I chose, but I know for a fact that the white version is cheaper (annoying I know).

The drawer

I knew straight away that I didn’t want my makeup to just be thrown in randomly. My inner Monica Geller shone through, and I purchased the Billigen drawer inserts to keep everything organised. These are £1. Such a cheap and cheerful way to sort your makeup storage needs. The inserts include a larger and smaller section. I loved this as naturally, some makeup products take up more space than others and so it is nice to have some variety. The drawer can fit 6-7 inserts comfortably, but I decided to use 5 all together. I use one section per product type as shown in the pictures. This means I know exactly where all my concealers, bronzers and brow products live. I left some space at the end of the drawer to fit in some of my drugstore palettes and miscellaneous products and it also gives me the room to add more inserts if I ever need to in the future. The inserts are plastic and so can easily be wiped in case of any spillages. I have never been a fan of the fabric drawer inserts for this reason (I’m messy okay).

On the top

As I said previously, I recently had my room decorated and so my new colour scheme is grey and rose gold. As you can see from the picture, the top of the dresser is all based around rose-gold accessories. On the left there is a rose gold ‘lamp’ from Primark. I use the word lamp lightly as the bulb is not a real, but instead contains fairy lights. It’s so cute, and it doesn’t take up too much space. I then have two makeup brush pots in the centre, one for face brushes and one for eye brushes. Like most bloggers these days, I use the Ikea white plant pot to store my face brushes. I got the smaller one as I didn’t want it to be too bulky (and it will hopefully limit the number of brushes I purchase). The eyebrush holder is from Amazon, I love it! It is actually a pen pot, but I  think it is great for brush storage. I kept the two holders white but with different styles, as I didn’t want everything to be too similar.  The mirror is from No7 and it lights up! It has a standard mirror and a magnification mirror on the opposite side. Again rose-gold…oops. Finally, on the right is where I keep my more high-end eyeshadow palettes. I bought this rose gold basket from Primark, and it is so useful. I originally had my hair products in there, but it has been upgraded to palette storage.

So that is my makeup storage. A simple dresser top, with an organised (but still slightly chaotic) drawer. If you want a more detailed look at my makeup collection, let me know in the comments. I am thinking of doing a series on here. How do you store your makeup? I am always looking for tips!

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x

*PS the grey and rose gold stool is from The Range … it matches perfectly with my colour scheme.