Hi lovelies, I’m back! If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that my makeup collection has been a little overwhelming recently. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t as big as some other bloggers collections, but probably more than the average person. What can I say? I love makeup. I used to use clear acrylic drawers for makeup storage, but I got bored of the towering beasts cluttering up my desk. Recently, I have had my room decorated, and so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to buy a new dresser and sort everything out once and for all. Continue reading to find out how I am currently storing my makeup.

The dresser

One thing that was annoying me about my old set up was that my desk was really narrow. It meant everything was stacked on top of each other and, not only did it not look good, it wasn’t practical either. So I went to Ikea. The trusty land of all furniture. I was immediately drawn to the Ikea Malm dressing table. It comes in three colours, and so to match my other Ikea furniture I purchased it in ‘White stained oak veneer’. One thing I loved about this dresser is that it comes with one singular drawer that spans the entire length… perfect for makeup! It is 120 cm long and so has enough space to not feel cramped. For your money, you also get a glass top included. If you’re anything like me and spill foundation all the time… you need this girl. Overall it cost £95 for the colour I chose, but I know for a fact that the white version is cheaper (annoying I know).

The drawer

I knew straight away that I didn’t want my makeup to just be thrown in randomly. My inner Monica Geller shone through, and I purchased the Billigen drawer inserts to keep everything organised. These are £1. Such a cheap and cheerful way to sort your makeup storage needs. The inserts include a larger and smaller section. I loved this as naturally, some makeup products take up more space than others and so it is nice to have some variety. The drawer can fit 6-7 inserts comfortably, but I decided to use 5 all together. I use one section per product type as shown in the pictures. This means I know exactly where all my concealers, bronzers and brow products live. I left some space at the end of the drawer to fit in some of my drugstore palettes and miscellaneous products and it also gives me the room to add more inserts if I ever need to in the future. The inserts are plastic and so can easily be wiped in case of any spillages. I have never been a fan of the fabric drawer inserts for this reason (I’m messy okay).

On the top

As I said previously, I recently had my room decorated and so my new colour scheme is grey and rose gold. As you can see from the picture, the top of the dresser is all based around rose-gold accessories. On the left there is a rose gold ‘lamp’ from Primark. I use the word lamp lightly as the bulb is not a real, but instead contains fairy lights. It’s so cute, and it doesn’t take up too much space. I then have two makeup brush pots in the centre, one for face brushes and one for eye brushes. Like most bloggers these days, I use the Ikea white plant pot to store my face brushes. I got the smaller one as I didn’t want it to be too bulky (and it will hopefully limit the number of brushes I purchase). The eyebrush holder is from Amazon, I love it! It is actually a pen pot, but I  think it is great for brush storage. I kept the two holders white but with different styles, as I didn’t want everything to be too similar.  The mirror is from No7 and it lights up! It has a standard mirror and a magnification mirror on the opposite side. Again rose-gold…oops. Finally, on the right is where I keep my more high-end eyeshadow palettes. I bought this rose gold basket from Primark, and it is so useful. I originally had my hair products in there, but it has been upgraded to palette storage.

So that is my makeup storage. A simple dresser top, with an organised (but still slightly chaotic) drawer. If you want a more detailed look at my makeup collection, let me know in the comments. I am thinking of doing a series on here. How do you store your makeup? I am always looking for tips!

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x

*PS the grey and rose gold stool is from The Range … it matches perfectly with my colour scheme.

Hi, lovelies! After my previous post about my Morphe haul, you all knew this post was inevitable. A review of the Morphe 25C: Hey Girl Hey palette is coming your way. As you all probably know by now, I adore Morphe shadows, they’re such great quality and amazing value for money. As soon as I went on the Morphe website, this post immediately caught my eye. I don’t tend to wear bright eyeshadows normally but this palette just screamed spring, and I had to have it. A look created with this palette will most likely be on my Instagram very soon.


This palette reminds me most of the Morphe 15D palette (review here), in the sense that it is simple, black, sturdy packaging with white lettering. I always like this packaging as you will always know it is Morphe, simple but to the point. Unlike the 15D palette, this one doesn’t have the names of the shadows printed on the packaging, but instead, there is a clear insert. For most people, this isn’t an issue at all. But it does make blogging a smidge harder haha. I am slightly disappointed that this palette doesn’t have a mirror, which would make it so much easier for travelling and general use. But, as most of the Morphe palettes don’t have mirrors, it wasn’t a massive shock.

The Shadows:

So obviously the clue is in the name, the Morphe 25C palette has 25 shadows. The palette was only £19 can you believe it?! This works out at only 76p an eyeshadow… that is insane. For your money you are getting 40g of product, so this palette will definitely last you a very long time. The palette is very versatile with a mixture of mattes, shimmers, velvets.. you name it, this palette has got it. So I know you’re all dying to know about the actual shadows, so I’ll get right into it.

The first 12 shadows:

  • Jeno – An icy pink shimmer. I love this shade, all over the lid or even as an inner corner highlight.
  • Brooke – A matte peach shade. This is my go-to transition shade to make all of the shadows blend better and to set my primer/concealer.
  • Lilly – A matte clay shade. Works well in the crease to add definition.
  • Harper – A copper shimmer. There are no other words except stunning for this shadow.
  • Ella – A warm matte brown. Slightly patchy but still very pigmented.
  • Leilani – A matte cream – another great transition shade.
  • London – A bronze shimmer that is slightly lighter than ‘Harper’, beautiful all over the lid.
  • Sienna – A copper matte that is lovely in the crease and underneath the eye.
  • Aria – A matte brown mauve shade. Looks great to add warmth to any look.
  • Nattie – A burgandy matte – a beautiful warm toned shadow that is great for autumn/winter.
  • Maddie – A velvet matte sand. Perfect for a neutral shadow day.
  • Chloe – Oh hi there, a shadow after my name, and it happens to be my favourite – a beautiful dusty pink shade.

The last 13 shadows:

  • Bella – A frosted magenta – do I need to say anything about this shade? Hello pigment.
  • Summer – A matte magenta – I think this looks stunning underneath the lashline
  • Lucy – Matte grape shade – Would look amazing with bella in the outer corner.
  • Sydney – Coral red shimmer – soooo pretty, amazing all over the lid for in the spring.
  • Sophie – Brick red matte – slightly less pigmented but would add definition in the crease.
  • Magaly – A terracotta matte. Get it in your crease girl.
  • Grace – A reddy-brown shimmer, I love this for a more smokey look.
  • Aimee – Rusty matte – great for an all-matte look.
  • Violet – Sparkling burgandy, looks beautiful all over the lid.
  • Phoenix – Sparkling eggplant shade. Such a beautiful, sultry shimmer, would look incredible on a night out.
  • Anna – Sparkling coffee – right up my street for a smokey bronze look.
  • Emie – A matte maroon (excuse the swatch, thats my wrist that makes it look choppy not the shadow) – beautiful for a matte smoke.
  • Zariah – A black matte. Always handy.


So those are the shadows, Beautiful right? After playing with lots of the shades, I really love this palette. I am hoping to have a look using those beautiful pinks on my Instagram very soon so make sure you’re following so you don’t miss it. The vast majority of these shadows are incredibly pigmented and all blend like a dream. I am so happy I got this palette as I don’t have anything like it in my collection. I love that even though there are some bright colours, there are also more subtle colours. There really is something for everyone. You better believe I will be wearing this palette to death in the upcoming summer months. In love.

Have you tried this palette? How do you wear bright shadows? Are you dying to try this palette? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x

Hi lovelies! If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I recently (accidentally) did a mini Morphe haul. Luckily this time it was actually a mini haul, I reigned myself in. I think I’m getting better! I thought I would share with you what I bought and why! If you would like a full review of any of the products, let me know in the comments.

Brontour – £12 

As soon as I went on the Morphe website, the ‘Brontours’ caught my eye. This product consists of both a matte contour and a shimmery bronzer. I was initially intrigued due to me having no shimmery bronzers in my collection. I tend to stick to matte bronzers which can be used for contouring. As I am not really used to glowy bronzers, I thought the best thing to do was to go half and half. There are a total of 6 shades in the collection, and I decided to go with ‘Glitterati’. This duo consists of a matte ‘sand’ shade and a shimmery champagne bronzer. According to Morphe, this duo is perfect for fair skin tones. I can say straight off the bat, that this bronzer is definitely too light, and in hindsight, I would probably go for Frenemy. I chose this one because I thought the champagne gold would look really pretty. But I am not going to rule it out completely, I will give it a proper go and so if you want a full review let me know!

Morphe Y6 pro flat buffer brush – £12

So I have been debating on whether to buy this brush for a while. It has always caught my eye but I never got round to buying it. When Laura Lee released her Morphe brush collection this week, I was dying to buy it. Unfortunately, it was sold out. cry. But as Laura pretty much always talks about the Y6, I decided to buy the single brush alone! I am so excited to try this out. The gold brush is so pretty and feels really luxurious. The actual brush itself is so soft and the bristles feel very dense. I can’t wait to try this brush out and see whether it competes with my trusty Real Techniques sponge.

Morphe 25C – Hey Girl Hey eyeshadow palette -£19

Okay… a bit of an impulse buy. Guilty. But I absolutely adore Morphe shadows, and so when I saw this I just had to buy it. This new palette is part of their ‘When boy meets girl range’. I was ultimately drawn to this palette, purely because I don’t really have any pink shadows in my collection. I do have Naked 3, but these shadows were so much more vibrant and exciting, and I thought they would be perfect for spring/summer. Usually, I always tend to stick with my gold shadows but I determined to be more fun and creative with my eye looks in the future. These have swatched beautifully so far and so I can’t wait to play with them. If you want a full review/first impressions on this palette, do let me know, I can barely contain my excitement!

So that’s what I bought. As you can see it could have been a lot worse! Have you tried any of these products? Are you dying to try any of them now?

Thanks for reading, until next time,

Chloe x

Hi, lovelies! If you have read my recent posts, you will know that I have gone on a bit of a Foundation buying spree. I recently bought the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation which was so good it made it into my March favourites. With the success of that foundation, I thought I would give the L’Oreal Infallible Longwear Shaping stick foundation a try. My skin has been very dry recently, so when buying foundations at the moment I have been looking for more of a dewy finish, a hydrating formula, and one that doesn’t cling to my dry patches. Is this the foundation for me?

The packaging

So if you haven’t guessed from the picture, the L’Oreal Infallible Longwear is a stick foundation. I used to absolutely hate stick foundations but after loving the Primark hydrating foundation, I am converted. This stick is all black with simple white lettering but with a hint of silver detail. Like the Primark foundation stick, the lid is clear but with some black detail so you can see which shade you are reaching for. This is handy, as the shaping sticks can also be used for contouring and highlighting, so you know exactly which shade to pick up. The packaging feels quite light and not very luxurious, but would be very handy for travelling and on the go makeup!

The foundation:

Although this foundation stick is considerably larger than the Primark one, there is actually 2g less product, with 9g in total. The foundation costs £8.99, not terrible, but definitely not the cheapest out there. There are 12 shades to choose from to find your perfect match! I decided to choose the shade Ivory (100) as I am pale as hell. I pretty much always go for one of the lightest shades. I didn’t realise this when I purchased it but this foundation is matte, so you oily girls will love this.

The foundation claims:

  • A highly pigmented, creamy formula that melts into the skin
  • blendable and buildable
  • lasts for 24 hours

Does it live up to the claims?

So as I said this foundation is matte. That is not what I wanted. When I initially swiped this across my face, I definitely thought it was creamy. It glided beautifully without tugging at my skin, a lot easier than the Primark dupe. This is a matte foundation but it felt really comfortable on the skin. It didn’t cling to any of my dry patches and I found that over the day it did melt more into my skin and felt more velvety. I would totally agree that this foundation is highly pigmented, as you don’t need much to get a decent level of coverage. I tried this L’Oreal Infallible stick with both a brush and a sponge and it blended out so easily with both tools. After much deliberation, I decided that applying with a sponge is the way to go for me as it makes it slightly more dewy for my dry skin. You can definitely build this up to full coverage without getting cake face – a plus! Now, I can’t say I have worn this foundation for 24 hours but I have gotten close. I put this foundation on before work at around 6 am and probably take it off at around 8 pm. After that long, there are some dry, flaky patches (tends to happen to most of my foundations) but as a whole, it looks pretty good!

Final thoughts

Overall I really enjoy this foundation, and since buying it I have used it a lot. For a matte foundation, I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do, and I know that in the summer (when my skin gets more oily) it will be perfect. If you want a quick and easy foundation that looks fab all day – definitely try it out!

Have you tried this foundation? Or any of the L’Oreal foundations? They are my absolute favourites at the minute.

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x


Hi guys, I am back again with another ‘Testing Primark Makeup’ post. If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have done two so far, testing the Amber palette and the Chocolate range. I thought I would try the Primark Moisturising Foundation stick from the My Perfect colour range. If you saw my skincare routine post, you will know that my skin is hella dry at the minute and so as soon as I saw moisturising, it was in my basket. So I put the £2.50 Primark foundation stick (yes, you read that correctly) to the test!


The Primark foundation stick is like any other foundation stick, with a simple black packaging and white lettering. The lid is clear so that you can see the foundation on the inside. This is handy as you know what colour it is immediately if you have several shades (ie. for contour as well), but I do think it could look more luxurious. The foundation feels very lightweight, almost as if there is no product in there, so I do think it could be made to appear more high-end. But for only £2.50 it does the job!

The foundation

I believe this range consists of 8 shades, not amazing, but not terrible. I am aware that their full coverage foundation has 16 shades which are incredible for such a budget foundation, so hopefully, the stick foundation range will expand soon. Although these sticks could be used for both foundation and contouring, I only chose a foundation shade (in the shade Ivory) due to my Primark running out of stock! I believe Ivory was the palest shade and it is a pretty good match for my skin. For most drugstore foundations, I tend to go for the lightest option (I’m a pale ass, I know) and this was no exception. You get 11g in total (or 0.38 oz), which compared to the Fast base foundation stick is almost double the amount for half the price! This foundation claims to have buildable coverage, a velvet finish and contains Vitamin E… was these claims true?

My thoughts

I actually don’t hate this Primark Foundation stick. I went into trying it thinking that a £2.50 Primark foundation can’t be good, but it is actually pretty nice. Let’s look at these claims in more detail…

  • Buildable coverage – I think this is true! I am not used to using foundation sticks, so I had absolutely no idea how much to use. I was swiping all over my skin and using both a sponge and a brush, I gained the coverage I wanted. You can use as much or as little as you wan and can build to improve coverage without looking cakey! A win!
  • Velvet finish – Again I think this is true. This is definitely not a matte finish (obviously it’s a moisturising foundation) which is exactly what I was looking for. It is not a dewy foundation but somewhere in between so I would definitely agree that it is velvety. It glides on really easily and is super creamy and so I had no issues blending it out. If you have oily skin this might not work for you, but combination and dry skin, I think you will love this.
  • Contains Vitamin E – Of course, I don’t really have any way to prove that the foundation does have Vitamin E in it. Vitamin E is meant to be good for anti-ageing, so very ideal if you have more mature skin. I am only 21, so I can’t say this is essential for me, but It is a nice added extra.

Is it worth it?

Overall, this foundation was creamy, blendable and true to colour. It gave beautiful coverage and a nice velvety finish. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I am really happy with it. I would say it lasts around 8 hours before it starts to become a bit too oily for me, not bad! For a £2.50 Primark foundation, I am not mad at it and will continue to use it for a fast, easy makeup routine.

Have you tried this foundation? Are you a big fan of foundation sticks? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading,

Chlo x