Estella Bartlett ‘The Copperfield’ bag review

I’m always on the hunt for a new bag, one that is both stylish yet practical. I must admit, I’ve never been a backpack kind of gal, but when Estella Bartlett very kindly gifted me a bag* from their site, I was immediately drawn to ‘The Copperfield’*. I’ve been using this bag every single day, so keep reading to find out my thoughts on the Estella Bartlett ‘The Copperfield’ bag!

Estella Bartlett 'The Copperfield' bag review

Estella Bartlett ‘The Copperfield’ bag

Estella Bartlett ‘The Copperfield’ bag*:

When scrolling through the Estella Bartlett website, as soon as ‘The Copperfield’* bag caught my eye I knew it had to be mine! The bag itself comes in lots of different colours including black, stone, sky blue and pewter. I decided to get The Copperfield* backpack in the shade ‘plum’ as I thought it would be perfect for this time of the year. However, I love the bag so much that I will definitely be buying it in a lighter shade to use in the spring and summer!

The Copperfield is a stylish, minimalist backpack with gold metal hardware giving the backpack a more luxurious feel. It looks so much more expensive than it actually is! The bag is made with an alternative vegan leather so don’t worry … no cows were harmed in the making of this bag. The soft vegan leather straps are adjustable and so you can easily make this backpack fit perfectly for you. The bag has just one large compartment, so there are no further sections for your purse, keys etc. but the bag is incredibly spacious and can easily fit in all my things for work. You can even fit a laptop inside if you would like to use it for college/university. The backpack even comes with a sixpence charm to bring you luck and a stone bag tag with the words ‘imagination rules the world’ … very cute!

Estella Bartlett 'The Copperfield' bag review

Estella Bartlett ‘The Copperfield’ bag

Estella Bartlett 'The Copperfield' bag review

Estella Bartlett ‘The Copperfield’ bag: Pros

  • A stylish, minimalist backpack in a wide range of colours – the classic backpack will go perfectly with any outfit.
  • Adjustable straps that mean you can alter the size to fit you perfectly.
  • Beautifully inscribed Estella Bartlett bag tag to add a special touch to the bag – add your own keychains or tags to personalise your backpack!
  • Beautiful gold hardware detailing giving an expensive, luxury feel.
  • Incredibly spacious compartment (I literally have my lunch, purse, keys, phone, diary, hairbrush, lipstick and more!)
Estella Bartlett 'The Copperfield' bag review

Estella Bartlett ‘The Copperfield’ bag

Estella Bartlett ‘The Copperfield’ bag: Cons 

  • If you’re anything like me, you will probably end up hoarding lots of things in your bag, like seriously how do I end up with so much crap?! One of the issues with this bag is that there aren’t any sections and so it takes quite a while to find things inside. I would have liked even just a small zip pocket to keep important things.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to close the bag using the magnetic clasp.
Estella Bartlett 'The Copperfield' bag review

Estella Bartlett ‘The Copperfield’ bag

Overall thoughts:

Overall I absolutely adore this bag and I’ve been using it every single day as my work bag. It looks elegant and professional but there is still enough space to hold everything I need. The bag itself is beautiful and I love the added tags, it is a lovely little extra! I would like there to be another section to the bag as sometimes it’s impossible to find what I need, especially if it is small but other than that I love this bag and will continue to use it!

You can buy the Estella Bartlett The Copperfield bag for £55 from the Estella Bartlett website, or you can purchase from Urban Outfitters or John Lewis!

Do you love this backpack? Will you be buying yourself it for Christmas? Do you clutter up your bag with loads of stuff? Let me know in the comments! 

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Some of the items in this post were very kindly gifted to me and are labelled with an asterisk. All opinions are 100% my own.

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