Pandora Me Collection Launch Event

Hi, lovelies! If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed that on Thursday I was at the most exciting event! I was kindly invited to The Ivy Manchester to celebrate the launch of the new Pandora Me collection in collaboration with Millie Bobby Brown. Keep reading to find out what I got up to at the fabulous launch of the Pandora Me collection.

Pandora Me launch

Pandora Me Collection launch


I very rarely get invited to really fancy events, with my last one being almost a year ago at The Hilton. I was so shocked when I got the email inviting me to The Ivy in Manchester to go to a Pandora event … What?! Part of me was slightly nervous but I was happy to find out that I could invite my blogging bestie – Danielle!

We made our way up to The Ivy Roof Garden which was full of Pandora balloons and decorations and lots of other bloggers. We were very kindly offered drinks on arrival, either champagne (fancy) or any drink from behind the bar. I chose a gin and lemonade to drink whilst we mingled with other bloggers. We got offered lots of drinks and canapes throughout the night, and the whole event felt very luxurious – Why on earth was I there?!

Pandora Me launch

Drinks at the Pandora Me launch

Canapes at the Pandora Me launch, Manchester

Canapes at the Pandora Me launch, Manchester


Not only were we offered complimentary canapes and drinks, but nail technicians were also on hand to give us manicures. I chose a sparkly pale pink colour which looks amazing under the light. They were quite subtle and so will match any outfit! I am so bad at getting my nails done so it was great to get pampered for a change.

Manicures at the Pandora Me launch, Manchester

Manicures at the Pandora Me launch, Manchester

Meeting other bloggers:

The thing I love the most about press events is that I get to meet other bloggers and influencers. I finally got to meet the lovely Faye from after we have been mutual followers for almost two years! The event had an awesome photo booth so it was lovely to get a physical photo of the moment.

Photobooth at the Pandora Me launch, Manchester

Photobooth at the Pandora Me launch, Manchester

Choosing our Pandora Me charm:

Of course, the main part of the event was getting a sneak peek at the new Pandora Me collection by the fabulous Millie Bobby Brown. Pandora was very kindly gifting us a piece from the new collection. To help us choose our perfect dangle charm, a psychic was on hand to read our aura and choose which charm was most appropriate for us. Mystic Saira chose ‘The Pretty Flower’ dangle charm for me to represent me growing and blossoming as a person. I also got an insight into my future, saying that I will have big changes in terms of work and travel. I’ve never been to a psychic before, so it was really fascinating to see what’s in store for me … hopefully, she’s right!

Mystic Saira read my aura

Mystic Saira read my aura to pick out my perfect Pandora Me dangle charm

I chose to pair my ‘pretty flower’ dangle charm with the Pandora Me link bracelet as I thought it was much more of a statement piece compared to the traditional bangles or chain bracelets. I also liked how if you have multiple bracelets you can join them together to make a necklace! We could have also picked a pair of ‘mix and match’ earrings or a brooch from the new collection.

The Pandora Me Collection

You will have probably seen the collection being advertised on TV right now, but in case you haven’t seen it, I thought I’d show you pieces from the collection. There are 3 main bracelets associated with this collection as well as a safety charm necklace. Not only that, but there is also a Pandora Me safety pin brooch.

The new Pandora Me Collection by Millie Bobby Brown

The new Pandora Me Collection by Millie Bobby Brown

There are 24 different dangle charms as part of the collection which you can add to the bracelets, necklaces and even the brooch (not just for your gran any more guys). You can carefully choose the playful charms, taking inspiration from the people around you, your passions and places you love! The same charms are also available as micro single stud earrings which you can mix and match in personal combinations – but don’t worry, you can get two of the same earring if you prefer! Mix and Match earrings are especially perfect if you have multiple earrings to experiment with.

Shop the Collection:

Bracelets – here 

Charms – here

The new Pandora Me Link bracelet

The new Pandora Me Link bracelet

The event was absolutely fabulous and I had an incredible time, I really cannot wait to wear my link bracelet* with the dangle charm* … make sure you’re following me on insta as it will be posted on my stories as soon as it arrives in the post!

Pandora Me launch

The Dress is New look, the watch is Adexe watches, the bag is Primark

If the event wasn’t incredible enough, we were gifted an amazing goody bag. The bag contained the Eylure London natural lashes, a Skinny Dip Tangle Teezer, as well as the Nip and Fab Vitamin C Fix tonic and the Givenchy ‘Le Vernis’ nailpolish.

Pandora Goody bag ft. Eyelure natural lashes, Skinny dip tangle teezer, Givenchy nail polish and Nip and Fab Vitamin C Fix tonic

I had the most amazing time at the Pandora event at The Ivy Manchester. I am so grateful to have been invited to such an event and I’m so thankful for Pandora’s generosity!

Have you seen the new Pandora Me collection, will you be buying any of the pieces? Which charm best defines you?

Thanks for reading as always,

Chlo x

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14 responses to “Pandora Me Collection Launch Event”

  1. Lauren says:

    What an amazing opportunity!! Congratulations lovely ? it looks and sounded like an amazing press event! You have taken some beautiful photographs! I like the unique look of the link bracelet. Thank you for sharing xxx

  2. Oooo lovely.
    I didn’t know that the girl from Stranger Things had a collection!
    Will go check it out I’ve space for a new charm or two!

  3. Megan says:

    Looks like such a gorgeous collection!

  4. Daisy says:

    This event looks like it was amazing! Millie is becoming such a business woman this year! She has her skincare collection in Boots and now these gorgeous pieces at Pandora! If they ever did a Harry Potter one, I hope I get invited! Haha! Those nails look amazing!

    Daisy xoxo TheDeeWhoLived

    • BeingChloe173 says:

      It was so amazing! I know it’s crazy right, she’s only 15! Omg if there was a Harry Potter one, I’d be right there! x

  5. Faye says:

    It was so lovely to finally meet you! This post has got me all excited to finish mine haha. It was such a fab evening and the venue was beyond stunning, wasn’t it! Hopefully see you again soon! x

  6. Emma says:

    What an amazing event to go to Chloe!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time.
    I bet you can’t wait to see the new collection in store.

    Emma |

  7. Ayse says:

    Looks like you had a lovely time! Your nails are beautiful and those jewellery pieces are gorgeous!

    Ayse x

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