Thailand Travel diaries: WEEK 1

Hi angels, if you have seen my past few posts you will know that I have been solo travelling for the past few months. One of the places I went to was Thailand and I had the most amazing time! I thought it would be fun to give you guys an overview of my 3 and a half weeks in Thailand as a travel diary and it will also be nice for me to look back on. So, here is part 1 of my Thailand travel diaries!

Thailand Travel diaries: Week 1

Day 1: Arrival in Bangkok

This was the big day. The day I made the long, long journey from Wigan in Manchester to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok! I got the train from Wigan to London Euston station, followed by two tubes to get to Heathrow Airport. A mooch around the airport and an expensive spag bol later and I was on the plane. For 12 hours. With a drunk, chatty Irish man who was asking me to get up every 30 minutes to go to the toilet. Fab. Not to worry, after what felt like a lifetime in the air, I landed in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport. Ya gal made it! I then got the bus for an hour to my hostel which was near Khao San Road. A smart person would have gone to bed to deal with the tiredness and jet lag – not me… instead I met some fab people and went out on Khao San Road. I had the best night and yes, I did eat a scorpion. Tastes like fried chicken.

Day 2: Bangkok

Surprise, Surprise I woke up hungover. Out of my entire trip, this was my worst hangover so I’m blaming the jet lag. I really didn’t want to do anything on my first full day, so instead I had some breakfast in the hostel, had a mooch down Khao San Road and then chilled all day by the hostel pool! I did treat myself to a massage on Khao San Road and it was amazing! I’d definitely recommend getting a massage at some point during your Thailand trip. That night I did the Mad Monkey Khao San Road bar crawl, met some incredible people and had a great time! You will see a running theme on how my days always end on this trip…

Mad Monkey Hostel Bangkok

Day 3: Bangkok to Chiang Mai

As I’d basically done nothing so far in Bangkok other than drink and be hungover (hey that’s what it’s for right?), I thought I’d do something a bit more cultural. After some breakfast I headed off to What Pho also known as the temple of the reclining buddha. Here there is a massive, gold reclining buddha – and I mean massive… 46m! After I wandered around the whole complex I walked 10 minutes to see the Grand Palace – another beaut place! After getting my culture in, I got a taxi back to the hostel (because I got lost by myself – shocker). The taxi man was lovely and chatty even though he did try to rip me off. Not on my watch hun. I then chilled by the pool before I got the overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Wat Pho, Bangkok

The Grand Palace Bangkok

The overnight train was an experience for sure. I met a lovely group of people who let me play cards with them before we all went to sleep (read that as tried to sleep). I was absolutely freezing the entire 12-hour journey and felt like I was going to fall of the top bunk most of the night, but I finally made it to Chiang Mai … even if I was sleep deprived!

Overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Day 4: Chiang Mai

My first experience of Chiang Mai was almost getting ripped off by a Songthaew. Basically, a red pickup truck which takes groups of people to where they want to go. Luckily, a lovely group of Belgians saw me trying to haggle and let me get into their truck with a much nicer driver … honestly one girl by herself and taxi men see dollar signs no joke! The group were lovely, and I bid them farewell when I made it to my hostel in Chiang Mai. I dumped my stuff and waited for my friend Christian from home who had lived in Chiang Mai for a year and so showed me round the entire city. And I mean the entire city – we did a lot of walking!

Chiang Mai

After an incredible Pad Thai we ventured up the Doi Suthep mountain to see the incredible views and the beautiful temple at the top. People say that if you haven’t seen the view from Doi Suthep then you haven’t seen Chiang Mai – and they’re right it was so beautiful! After finding out my fortune (expecting a baby girl and being unlucky great) we walked back down and walked around the markets of Chiang Mai. I had my first Katsu curry (amazing) and thai tea before going to an amazing roof top bar for some drinks with Christian. My first ped ride later and I was back to the hostel. It was a great night, and I’m so happy I got to see the real Chiang Mai.

Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

Day 5: Chiang Mai

This day might be the best day of my life. I hung out with elephants, ELEPHANTS. I woke up at 6 am to go to ‘Into The Wild Elephant Sanctuary’ to spend the day with five elephants. The journey was bumpy as hell, lots of people in the truck were queasy to say the least. One of the workers of the sanctuary even gave me a weird leaf to eat that supposedly gets rid of a hangover – it was bitter as hell and honestly made me feel more sick! Spending time with the elephants was an incredible experience – we fed them, went on a trek with them, had a mud spa and even swam with them in the river. Even though I was the only one with a waterproof phone case and spent most of my time being chief photographer, I still had the most amazing day!

Into The Wild Elephant Sanctuary, Chiang Mai

Into The Wild Elephant Sanctuary, Chiang Mai

After the early get up I definitely needed a chill in my dorm room – sat in the dark with a towel turban on my had meant I didn’t make the best impression for new people coming in, but not to worry, I showed them my slightly more normal colours soon enough. That night we went to the rooftop bar at the hostel. We had lots of drinks (read – too many) and off to the club we went. It was a fab night and I got to travel with these people for the next week!

Day 6: Chiang Mai

After last nights antics, it was a bit of a slow start the next morning. A group of around 10 of us decided to do something adventurous so we headed to the sticky waterfalls in a tuk tuk! Despite the slow start, blasting tunes in the tuk tuk got us all in the mood. The sticky waterfalls are essentially a waterfall covered in limestone which makes it sticky – this means you can climb all the way to the top … or try to! It was so much fun, even though I absolutely stacked it so many times – taking a lot of my new friends down with me! We made it out alive (just about) and after a Pad Thai we were off back to the hostel.

Sticky Waterfalls, Chiang Mai

Sticky Waterfalls, Chiang Mai

That night we went to the Chiang Mai night markets for an explore. I ate so much food it’s unreal from fried chicken to mango sticky rice. I also finally bought elephant pants – gap yah right?

Day 7: Chiang Mai to Pai

The next morning, we woke up early to go to Pai. Pai was never on my list of places to go, but after meeting so many people who told me it was amazing, I had to go. I did not realise though that the journey involved 762 road bends – Jesus it was windy af. A few travel sickness tablets later (basically knocked me out) and we made it to Pai. Two lots of rickety tuk tuk/bike/wheelbarrow contraptions later we got to the hostel. It was insane! Cute little huts, an infinity pool and circus performers … what more can you ask for?! We chilled by the pool and ate more Pad Thai (I promise, I do actually venture out to more adventurous Thai food) and then got too drunk that night again. Standard.

Pai Circus hostel

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Thanks for reading,

Chlo x

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  1. October 17, 2019 / 6:57 pm

    Great post, looks like you had a great time, I’m going to Bangkok in November so this has been great to read ahead of my trip 🙂

    Nic | Nic’s Adventures & Bakes

    • BeingChloe173
      October 19, 2019 / 2:54 pm

      I had a great time, thank you for reading! A post about things to do in Bangkok will go live next week so make sure you’re subscribed 🙂

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