Why I travel solo

So I’ve been a little bit M.I.A recently, but trust me there is a good reason. My last post was months ago all about my solo trip to Greece and since then I have also travelled to Thailand and Bali alone (kind of). I often get asked why I travel alone so I thought I would write all about why I travel solo, and why I think you should too!

It’s easier

Okay, so I’m not saying that when you travel solo it doesn’t come with challenges, but for the most part it’s so much easier! When you travel alone you don’t have to accommodate anyone but yourself – where you go, when you go, how long you go for, where you stay, budget… you get the idea. You’re in control of your travels and the only person you have to please is yourself! I booked my trip to Thailand only a few weeks before I flew. I could be flexible and spontaneous and that is the best thing about not having to worry about anybody else!

Pileh lagoon, Koh Phi Phi

Pileh lagoon, Koh Phi Phi

You do you

This is pretty self explanatory. When you travel solo you do whatever the hell you want. If you want to get up early and explore, or have a lie in and relax on the beach its entirely up to you! Eat like a local or go to McDonald’s, it’s your call. There were days on my trip where all I wanted to do was relax by the pool in the hostel, and other days where I wanted to have a jam packed day full of activities. So guess what, that’s what I did! Whether you’ve travelled alone or gone with family or friends you should still be able to do whatever you want because at the end of the day, you’ve probably spent a lot of money on your trip.

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Spend time by yourself 

Some people aren’t scared of getting on a plane and flying away to a random country by themselves, they’re just scared of actually being alone. But trust me on this, it is incredible. There is something so peaceful about being alone with your thoughts and realising how far you’ve come. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, especially in challenging situations. I can be a right grumpy bitch sometimes and not want to speak to anyone and you better believe I didn’t and kept myself to myself. Putting in your headphones and just enjoying the view on a ferry, bus or plane is a magical moment and helps you get away from all the stress back home.

Mount Batur, Bali

Mount Batur, Bali

Meet new people 

So yes you can be alone your entire trip if you want, like I said – you do you. But you will also meet soooo many people, especially if you stay in hostels. I’ve lost count on how many people I met over the past few months and they really made my trip. You meet people exactly like you, like-minded, on a similar budget and who want to do all the same things you do! I loved the people I met so much they managed to convince me to change my flight and jet to Bali, these people were total strangers just a few weeks before! The people you meet shape your experience and make it unforgettable, and you will 100% make friends for life.

Mad Monkey hostel, Koh Phangan

Mad Monkey hostel, Koh Phangan

Grow as a person 

Lots of people say that travelling the world makes you a more well-rounded person. If that’s the case then travelling alone makes you even more so. When I tell people I travel solo, I often get the ‘omg you’re so brave’, ‘wow I couldn’t do that’, ‘aren’t you scared?’. Truth is… no! Because travelling alone makes me overcome my fears and feel empowered. I become smarter! Every obstacle I overcome – even if it is finding the hostel with my terrible sense of direction – makes me feel on top of the world. Solo travel makes me feel so proud of myself and inspires me to work on myself and continue to grow.

So those are 5 reasons as to why I travel solo, and why you should definitely do the same. I encourage everyone to travel alone at least one time in their life… even if it is just for a weekend, or even a day trip to a different city near you. My first solo trip was literally because no one could come with me and I had little choice – but now, I just love it and can’t wait to explore this entire world on my own!

Thanks for reading as always,

Chlo x

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  1. Lyn
    October 5, 2019 / 7:08 am

    As a full time solo travelling older woman all your points apply. You can learn so much about yourself, like you I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I can find my accommodation easily as my sense of direction is zero!!

    • BeingChloe173
      October 5, 2019 / 8:48 am

      I totally agreed it’s the little achievements that make my happy, like getting on the right bus and finding a place without google maps ? thanks for reading!

  2. October 10, 2019 / 10:00 am

    That is so awesome that you travel by yourself! Brave but well done you for doing it x

    • BeingChloe173
      October 10, 2019 / 10:23 am

      It is the best thing to do! Thankyou so much for reading x

  3. October 28, 2019 / 12:08 pm

    Totally relate to all those points! Even more, the growing as a person part, it kind of sounds like a cliche now but you do grow and “find yourself” cos you’re reliant on yourself whilst experiencing and seeing so many things!

    Chris | https://chrisdid.com

    • BeingChloe173
      October 28, 2019 / 12:12 pm

      It’s so true! You become so much more independent ?

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