So a bit of background information about little old me before I get into this post! I am currently in my 3rd year of studying Pharmacology at the University of Manchester, Uk. Most of you may be thinking, wow, you’re nearly done! Sadly not. I am actually on a placement year working in a lab to get experience for the big scary world out there. After this year I will go back to studying for a year before I finally graduate. I think after 3 years of university so far, I have a lot to share about what University actually teaches you.

1. You will make a lot of friends, and lose a lot of friends!

The first thing you will realise at uni is that you will meet a lot of people, and I mean a lot. I think in my first week I must have talked to hundreds of people, and I  don’t remember half of their names. You will quickly see that everyone is trying to make friends as soon as possible and some of them will stay with you for your entire university journey. Some you will lose… and that’s okay! I changed friendship groups soooo many times in the very first semester, but I soon found out who I loved spending time with.

2. How to live by yourself

Okay, so you will learn LOTS of things at uni, how to shop, cook, clean (maybe) and basically how to not starve to death whilst away from home comforts. I am sure many people, don’t really learn this and still get babied by their parents but I for one made it on my own! Don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect, but I can cook (kinda) and clean (sometimes) and not fail all my modules. Pretty successful I’d say!

3. The importance of milk

Milk is important. In fact not even milk… butter, bread or any food for that matter. It will be the start of so many fights. If you buy some you are a hero, if you buy your own it will get stolen, if you don’t buy any you will face many snide comments until you give in.

4. How to survive off very little money

You have no money…ever. When at uni I basically live in my overdraft and never leave it until my next student loan comes in! It sucks, but you do learn how to make £10 last for a week’s worth of meals, 2 nights out, and a takeaway on a Friday night. You get very smart when it comes to budgeting but can also blow £100 on one night. It’s a see-saw basically.

5.How to ‘clean’ the communal kitchen.

News flash… you won’t. Despite the complaints from the halls cleaner, several fines and the potentially deadly fungus growing out of the mugs, that kitchen will not get cleaned. It is actually hilarious how crafty you can be. Instead of being productive and actually cleaning, you hide the pots and pans in a bin bag in a cupboard. Yes, that is a thing… its universal. Instead of cleaning you will also spend your time complaining how the cleaner will not clean unless the kitchen is also spotless… again universal. You will learn not go in the kitchen barefoot, how to use pans as bowls and not die from the mouldy crockery.

So that’s uni! The real-life lessons you actually learn are priceless. Uni can be the both the best and worst time of your life but 100% worth it.

What did you learn from uni?! Comment below!

Chloe x

My makeup collection (most likely a lot smaller than other bloggers) is a mixture of both drugstore and luxury products. I have always said that you can find hidden gems in the drugstore and terrible high-end products and so price doesn’t really matter! Having said that, here are 5 high-end products that I think are totally worth the splurge and don’t disappoint (well for me anyway).

Urban Decay – Naked heat palette £39.50

All of the Urban Decay palettes are known for being quite pricey! But for the beautiful colours, stunning pigments and excellent blendability they are brilliant value for money. I believe that all of the Naked palettes can make this list, but I narrowed it down to the most recent palette… The Naked Heat! With 12 fiery, earthy shades, this palette packs a punch! There is a mixture of mattes and shimmers, with shades that can complement any skin tone. Working out at just £3 an eyeshadow, who can complain?!

Benefit – Hoola Bronzer £24.50

If you read my Favourite makeup of 2017 post, you will know that I absolutely love the Benefit Hoola bronzer. This is the only bronzer that I have re-purchase time and time again (as you can probably tell from the shiny new one in the picture). I have a very pale complexion and so many bronzers can make me look like I work at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! This is the only bronzer that I have come across so far that does not make me look ridiculously orange, and, with a slightly more cool tone, it is perfect for contouring. The Hoola bronzer lasts me forever, it took well over a year to hit pan despite me using it every day and so you really are getting a lot of product for your money!

YSL – All hours foundation £35

This is a relatively new purchase of mine, and I love it. You have probably seen a lot of hype over this foundation… and rightly so! It has a full coverage, matte finish, lasts all day and makes the skin look flawless! What more can you want? I mainly wear this foundation for nights out or special events as it is too expensive for everyday wear (unless you are rich af). But every time I do wear it, I get so many compliments. I got a brilliant shade match for my pale skin (BD20) which makes me feel so much more confident when wearing it. It also comes with a pump, which many other high-end foundations don’t have (I’m looking at you Nars Sheer Glow) and so you can control how much you use at any one time and prevent wastage!

Laura Mercier – Loose Setting Powder £20

An oldy but a goldy! The loose setting powder in Translucent has been all over the Internet for years, which may give you a hint that you should buy it! It sets foundation beautifully without giving you cake face! It is very finely milled and so is great for baking under the eyes and dusting all over the face for makeup that will last all day long! Also, the translucent shade means that it doesn’t alter the colour of my foundation (one less thing to worry about). This is another product that I have had for a really long time and I havn’t hit pan, proving that it is great value for money.

Too Faced – Hangover Primer £27

Last, but certainly not least, is the Too faced Hangover primer! I hadn’t used this primer for a while but after my skin getting drier over the winter months I thought I’d dig it out again. I am so happy that I did! This primer is sooooo moisturising and makes my skin feel so lovely and soft. It leaves the skin feeling slightly tacky and so no matter what foundation I use, it lasts all day long. It also smells of coconut – a great bonus!

So those are 5 high-end items that I believe are worth the extra money! If you have any cheaper alternatives to these products please leave a comment down below, I am always looking for a good dupe! Thankyou again for reading!

Hello lovelies! Today is the last day of January meaning I have successfully been blogging for one whole month! It has been the most incredible month so far and I am so proud of how far I have come, deciding to blog has been the best decision I have made in a long time.

Throughout this month there are so many things I have learned about the complex world of blogging (and a lot that I haven’t), so here are 5 things that I now know! Let me know in the comments what the biggest thing you have learned so far about blogging.

1. Blogging is time consuming! Time management is key.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t think that it would take up so much of my time, mainly because I thought no one would read my little blog and so I wouldn’t have to post as regularly as others. Well, now there is quite a lot of you who follow my blog and read my ramblings and I am so eternally grateful. It means that now I don’t want to just post for myself but for you also, to produce quality content that others can read, enjoy and learn from. This year I am working full time and so posting twice a week has been a bit of a struggle but I am starting to understand what works best for me.

I am becoming a lot more organised when it comes to planning blog posts, taking photographs and doing everything I can in advance to make posting day a lot less stressful! I now write down my blog ideas, take my pictures at the weekends were I know I will get the natural light, and schedule my posts in advance… all of which make blogging so much easier and much more fun!

2. I am not very Tech-savvy

Before blogging, I thought I was pretty techy, and that blogging was as simple as writing a few words and clicking post. News flash: Its not. There is a whole world of blogging terms out there from self hosted to SEO, and hey even widget (yes I didn’t know what a widget was). Even something as simple as creating a bloglovin account I found difficult, and so blogging is definitely a learning curve. I am constantly learning more about the internet and the more you learn, the more there is to know!

3. Social media is extremely powerful 

This is arguably the biggest thing that I have learned since starting to blog. I realised that I could have the best blog content in the world, but if no one knows it exists, it will just stay tucked away unread. I now always promote my blog across many forms of social media, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (usernames: Being_Chloe96) and get so many more engagement. I used to think people would find me promoting my blog really annoying, but hey if I don’t, who will?

I still don’t know how to use Pinterest to promote my blog (annoyingly I got blocked after pinning one post… still annoyed) but I am hoping it is something I can learn in the upcoming months.

4. The blogging community is lovely

One thing that I love the most about blogging is how lovely and supportive the blogging community it is. Whether it is a like, a comment, a follow or an award nomination… all of them make me extremely happy and want to continue blogging. You are all always there to give me advice when I need it, or help when I don’t understand something, and it’s because of you guys that continues to grow and improve as time goes on. Love ya!

5. There is so much that I don’t know… and that’s okay!

One thing that I 100% know, is that I don’t know everything. But I am fine with that! If i knew everything about blogging it wouldn’t be as enjoyable and I have you guys to learn with me. For example, I don’t know:

  • Whether to go self-hosted or not
  • How to use bloglovin – really does confuse me haha!
  • How to use pinterest
  • How to increase domain authority
  • How to take good pictures!

Thankyou all so much for following my blog over the past month, or if you’re new… Hi! I am proud of what I have achieved in such a small time and it is all down to you guys! Thankyou for reading!

Chloe x

January can be a difficult month for lots of people. Once the excitement of Christmas and New Year has died down, many of us are left without any money and feeling quite glum. 2017 was a tough year for me, I found myself spending most of my days feeling down and not wanting to speak to anyone.

I was determined to make sure that I was much more like my normal self in 2018, however despite my best efforts, today was a tricky one! Instead of letting these emotions get the better of me, I thought I would make a post to help others beat these January Blues, and to give myself something to look back to on my sad days.

Here are the 5 ways I am going to beat this horrible month: Hopefully they will help you too!

1 Focus on my blog 

If you read my first ever post on ‘Being Chloe’ (Here), you will know that the whole reasoning behind creating this blog was to give me something positive to focus on. Some of you might think that avoidance is not the best way to deal with any sad feelings, but for me it really helps. This month, I am going to properly focus on blogging, with 2 new posts every week to keep me busy and make Being Chloe the best it can be! I am proud of what I have achieved so far with this blog, and I am excited about the direction in which it is heading.


Meet my dog Millie!

2.  Long walks

Also in my ‘Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018’ post I said that one of my goals for the year was to walk my dog more. I am happy to say that I have stuck to this resolution so far! Long walks are good for clearing my head, getting exercise and seeing Millie loving life! This can be difficult to do with the short days and the bitterly cold weather, but I love how happy it makes my dog.

3. Read more

Towards the end of 2017 I spontaneously bought a kindle in the hopes that I would start to read more. I used to read all the time and I loved it! But sadly, Uni got in the way and so I didn’t have enough time to get really into a good book. This was a nice thought, but I only went and lost the charger and have yet to finish one book! Luck was on my side in 2018 and I found my charger, and so to beat the January Blues I am going to read more, especially on my train commute to work every day.

4. Keeping things tidy 

With it being a new year, I thought this was the perfect time to declutter my room and make it much more neat and tidy! I now love spending time writing my posts in my room, and with the addition of a couple of (read: a lot of) fairy lights, it is very relaxing to be in here. This is something that is very easy to do, and you know what they say ‘Tidy room, Tidy mind’!

5. Being Positive

I know this is something that is probably very easy to say but difficult to do BUT I am determined to stick to it. I am trying to focus on all the good things I have in my life, my family, friends, job and of course my new blog instead of the negative thoughts that troubled me in 2017. I will try to find the good in any bad situation, and fingers crossed I can get through the bloody month! I also want to go with the flow this year with the ideology of ‘What is meant to be, will be’.

What are you doing to beat the January blues? Do you have any tips for staying postive or any book recommendations for me to read? Comment below!

Thankyou for reading, Chlo x

So, if you read my ‘What I got for Christmas 2017’ Post (if you haven’t, go read it here), you will know that I got the Stila ‘Play it Cool All day Liquid Lipsticks’ set this year (Currently reduced at FeelUnique, £17). Can you believe that these are my FIRST Stila products?! I can’t believe that it has taken me this long, but at least I can say that they are worth the wait.


First of all, the packaging is bloody gorgeous! Each of the three lipsticks is in the standard liquid lipstick container, with a beautiful gold lid and text. They of course have the brand name clearly on the bottle, along with the shade of each lipstick on the base (very useful for blogging). Despite the lipsticks being 0.05 fl. oz they still feel heavy and expensive.


According to Stila, the all day liquid lipsticks are universally flattering and, with a mixture of pinks and berry’s in the set, I can definitely agree. The lipsticks are meant to be full coverage, and last for 6 hours before you would need a top up, whilst still keeping lips soft and hydrated. I thought these were big claims and so I put them to the test!


Left: Baci, Middle: Bacca, Right: Patina

Baci – A beautiful cool toned, dusty pink shade that is perfect for all year round! 

Bacca – A stunning raspberry shade that is great for the autumn/winter months or if you want that perfect bold lip!

Patina – A beautiful shade that is very similar to Baci but more warm toned, another nude that will work all year. Think your lips but better…

All of these lipsticks are extremely pigmented, so even though they are only small, they cover the lip with just one swipe! Bacca was slightly more patchy than the other two lipsticks but nothing that can’t be easily fixed.

They dry down completely matte and last for around 5 hours without making the lips feel dry and crusty (something I hate about some liquid lipsticks) and so with this formula, I will definitely be buying more colours. I I think the ‘Studded Eight’ set will be my next purchase! Working out at just under £6 a pop, they are great value and will look great in any makeup lovers collection!

Have you tried these lipsticks? Which are your favourite shades? Let me know in the comments!

Chlo x