If you have been on twitter or Instagram over the past few months, you might have noticed The HiSmile Teeth Whitening kit craze, with everyone from Kylie Jenner to Connor Mcgregor raving about how amazing it is. I drink a lot of tea and coffee and as a result my teeth can become quite stained. I thought I would treat myself and try out the kit and test it to see if it is overhyped or actually worth the money!

fullsizerender-1The Kit:

The kit, is undoubtedly beautiful. Often when I have bought teeth whitening kits in the past I get ugly mouth guards that never quite mold to my teeth and strange teeth whitening pens. This one has a lovely pink and white theme which screams luxury! The kit includes 3 x HiSmile gels (2 uses per syringe), 1 x LED light, 1 x mouth tray, 1 x shade guide, 1 x instruction manual. At a retail price of £49.99, this is considerably more expensive than other teeth whitening kits I have purchased in the past. Despite this, it is still cheaper than getting your teeth whitening professionally, and hey if it works, it works!

How to use it:

The kit is really simple to use and includes a total of 6 daily applications. All you have to do is load 1/4 of the gel into the mouth guard, pop it into your mouth and switch on the LED light. This is the part that you have probably seen all over Instagram and Youtube. You simply wait 10 minutes for the LED light to do its thing and bobs your uncle, your done!

My Experience:img_1003-1

I was a bit hesitant to order this kit as I have heard that it can take weeks for your order to arrive. I decided to order the kit anyway, and luck was on my side, with my order taking only 1 week to get to my doorstep!

I was slightly disappointed with the indicator chart as I found that many of the stages showed pink toned teeth, which I don’t think ANYONE has! This made it much more difficult to judge what my starting point was and how my teeth changed colour throughout the process. I found that a simple white backdrop worked much better!

I have used the kit everyday without my teeth feeling sore or sensitive which has always been an issue when I have whitened my teeth in the past! HiSmile claim that you can see a difference after just 10 minutes (1 application), although I don’t think this was the case for me. After 6 days, I did notice that my teeth were whiter than before I started the process, and they certainly felt cleaner… but I was hoping for a much larger impact! I started the teeth whitening at around a 4/5 and I feel by the end I was maybe a 2 or a 3. I did continue to drink tea and coffee whilst using this kit which obviously didn’t help, so if you are not a big tea drinker like me, this may work much better for you!

Overall, this is a nice kit for teeth whitening if you want a gradual change. If you are like me and wanted pearly whites even though you drink your body weight in tea everyday it may not work as well as you would like! For 6 days worth of whitening, I do feel that £50 is quite expensive, however as I now have the LED light I am considering buying the top up gels to do once a week. Fingers crossed I will have celeb worthy pearly whites by the end of the year, and I will continue to blog my progress as the year goes on!

Have you used the HiSmile teeth whitening kit before, did you see a big difference? What other teeth whitening kits have you been loving?! Comment below and let me know!

Chloe xx

So, if you read my ‘What I got for Christmas 2017’ Post (if you haven’t, go read it here), you will know that I got the Stila ‘Play it Cool All day Liquid Lipsticks’ set this year (Currently reduced at FeelUnique, £17). Can you believe that these are my FIRST Stila products?! I can’t believe that it has taken me this long, but at least I can say that they are worth the wait.


First of all, the packaging is bloody gorgeous! Each of the three lipsticks is in the standard liquid lipstick container, with a beautiful gold lid and text. They of course have the brand name clearly on the bottle, along with the shade of each lipstick on the base (very useful for blogging). Despite the lipsticks being 0.05 fl. oz they still feel heavy and expensive.


According to Stila, the all day liquid lipsticks are universally flattering and, with a mixture of pinks and berry’s in the set, I can definitely agree. The lipsticks are meant to be full coverage, and last for 6 hours before you would need a top up, whilst still keeping lips soft and hydrated. I thought these were big claims and so I put them to the test!


Left: Baci, Middle: Bacca, Right: Patina

Baci – A beautiful cool toned, dusty pink shade that is perfect for all year round! 

Bacca – A stunning raspberry shade that is great for the autumn/winter months or if you want that perfect bold lip!

Patina – A beautiful shade that is very similar to Baci but more warm toned, another nude that will work all year. Think your lips but better…

All of these lipsticks are extremely pigmented, so even though they are only small, they cover the lip with just one swipe! Bacca was slightly more patchy than the other two lipsticks but nothing that can’t be easily fixed.

They dry down completely matte and last for around 5 hours without making the lips feel dry and crusty (something I hate about some liquid lipsticks) and so with this formula, I will definitely be buying more colours. I I think the ‘Studded Eight’ set will be my next purchase! Working out at just under £6 a pop, they are great value and will look great in any makeup lovers collection!

Have you tried these lipsticks? Which are your favourite shades? Let me know in the comments!

Chlo x

2017 was an amazing year for makeup, and with so many amazing products released my bank account was feeling pretty sorry for itself! With the new year now here, I thought I’d give you guys an overview of all of my favourite makeup items of 2017.

Primer: Before 2017, I had never really bothered with primers and didn’t understand the big hoo-haa about them. Last year I thought I’d finally see what the fuss was all about! The YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer was hands down my favourite. First of all, the packaging is absolutely GORGEOUS, I love how it is gold to match the actual product on the inside. The primer is so silky and smooth and makes my skin look flawless and my foundation to apply beautifully. It really does live up to the hype.

Foundation: I have tried SO many foundations this year to try and work with my combination skin and found that the Bourjois Healthy Mix anti-fatigue foundation was the true winner! I wear the shade ’52 vanilla’ and it is the perfect colour for my skin. I have always been self conscious about my skin and this foundation provides enough coverage to make my skin appear flawless without being too heavy. I also love the demi matte finish which is perfect for the winter months.

Concealer: There is only one concealer that I have repurchased time and time again and that is the Maybelline The eraser eye in the shade ‘light’. It is brightens the under eye and really erases my terrible dark circles… and the best part? It doesn’t crease on me!

Powder: I was very torn between my two favourite powders: The Laura Mercier Loose setting powder and the Rimmel Stay Matte. They are both amazing but the Rimmel powder just takes the lead because of how cheap it is! It keeps my shine at bay for a good 5-6 hours, and a top up doesn’t cause my foundation to look cakey… LOVE.

Bronzer: Hands down, the Benefit Hoola bronzer is the best bronzer on the market. It is the perfect shade for my pale skin so I don’t look like I work with Willie Wonker and is quite cool toned and so is great for contouring! It lasts so long that after nearly two years (yes I know thats gross) I only now got one for Christmas!

Highlighter: Another Benefit win this year with the Dandelion twinkle highlighter. It gives just enough glow without being too blinding for every day wear. It is a beautiful pink shade and I always get compliments whenever i wear it.

Brows: This was a tricky one because I absolutely hate brow maintenance. I only bought this product recently but it is my new favourite and makes doing my brows much less of a chore. I use the colour ’04 Espresso’ which matches my hair brilliantly.

Mascara: Again another recent discovery is the Loreal Lash paradise mascara. It makes such a massive difference to my lashes that I have been asked if I’ve been wearing falsies when wearing it! This has finally knocked my Urban Decay Perversion mascara off the podium.

Eyes: Lastly, the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette has to take the crown for the best eyeshadow palette I have purchased this year! I was really hesitant to buy this palette, thinking it was overhyped… but after BeautyBay restocked it, I gave in… I am SOOOOO glad I did! The shadows are so pigmented, blend effortlessly and look stunning on the eye! It is going to be a tough one to beat in 2018.

So, those are my favourite makeup items of 2017, comment below which your favourite product has been this year! Thankyou for reading ❤️

Chlo x

Well it is nearly a week after Christmas so I am very late to the party (But better late than never!) I was very torn about whether I was going to write this post today with being new to the blogging community and I didn’t want to appear that I was bragging. After a lot of thinking and seeing many similar posts I thought why not?! This post is to show my appreciation about the presents I received and to maybe give you guys some gift ideas in the future!

All things beauty!


One thing you should know about me is that I love all things makeup… Hence the blog! So when my mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I couldn’t help but slip a few beauty items in there. One of the gifts I received was the Morphe 35F Fall into Frost Palette (£23 from BeautyBay) and it is BEAUTIFUL! The palette has lots of gorgeous autumnal metallic shades that are perfect for this time of year, along with a row of matte shades to finish off any look! I have only used this once so far but I cannot wait to play with it more. I also got the Benefit Hoola bronzer which is a personal favourite and something that i repurchase time and time again. I asked my mum for a liquid lipstick set but left it entirely up to her. I was so happy when I found out she had chosen the Stila Stay all day liquid lipsticks (I didn’t even know she knew the brand!) and they are gorgeous, I cannot wait to use them some more! I also got a Soap and Glory bath set, which smells BLOODY AMAZING, I am looking forward to having some relaxing baths in 2018. Lastly I got a French Connection make up set, this was a surprise as I didn’t know they did makeup. It came with a mascara, eyelash curlers, eyeliner, brow pencil and sharpener as well as the quad eyeshadow palette (shown in the picture). I am really interested to see how these perform.


Okay… So I say clothes but it is mainly cosy things that I got this Christmas (No complaints, I basically live in pajamas). I got a really fluffy white floor length dressing gown that is the snuggliest piece of clothing EVER and I have worn it to death already! I got some cute slippers that are in the style of an animal… Which animal it is? No idea… But they’re cute and comfy and thats all that matters! I also got some Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts socks which are the best socks I think I have ever received. I think the funniest thing(s) I got for Christmas this year were bras, seven to be exact… SEVEN! I told my mum I needed new bras but I think she went OTT this year, but they’re cute and hey it is one for every day of the week!

My favourite present I got this Christmas was a No7 mirror that lights up. I didn’t think I needed this but now I have one I don’t know how i survived without it! It is a beautiful rose gold colour and is double sided (one side has a 5x magnification) meaning doing my makeup is easier than ever. It gave me the inspiration to sort out my make up collection and storage so that it looks all pretty!

So that is what I got for Christmas this year and I am super grateful for all I received and I know how lucky I am. Leave a comment below letting me know what your favourite thing is that you got this year! Also let me know if you would like me to review any of the beauty products as I am really keen to try them out!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Chloe xxx